December 10, 2023

एविएशन एंड स्पेस फेडरेशन फॉर यूनिवर्स की भारतीय एकाई

विदिशा | एसएटीआई में आयोजित कार्यक्रम को संबोधित करते पदाधिकारी |

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Who can join

Who can be member of International Aviation Games Board, India
Anyone who is related with directly or indirectly to the Aviation industry ie: Govt. or private Airlines, all types of armed & recluse forces and connected departments of Aviation, Private and Government (Central or State aviation ministries), organization related to Aerospace & Accessories manufacturers, Service Suppliers, and also related to Medical, Hospitality, Tour and Tourism, Cargo and Transport, Banking & Finance, Fire, Traffic, Real-estate, FMCG, to CSR.

Special offer for an education sector: any youth/ staff from the educational sector can take part in Aviation sporting project(s) with a single term “He/she shall have a college ID”.

Aviation Games,India, is an affiliated & apex body to India & Indians in globe on behalf of world aviation board to handle activation.

we continuously process to upgrade kindly be with us!!

Aviation Games Entered in different area of India

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